Mystery Diagnosis

Last night I called my mom but she didn’t answer. I figured she was in the hot tub and would call back. I forgot that she never called me back.

Later on, I was watching Mystery Diagnosis (I looooove this show, but don’t catch it too often). There was a guy that had been having lots of weird bowel issues, and then started having episodes of bleeding a ton, through his rectum. Eventually, after he finally went to a new doctor, they diagnosed him with colon cancer.

Well, fast forward to this morning. Mom calls me and apologizes for not calling me back – but she took my grandmother to the hospital last night. Why? Because she was bleeding profusely through her rectum. They don’t know what’s wrong, but she’s on lots of medication since her cancer, and she doesn’t always follow the doctor’s orders about taking them with food and in specific quantities, etc. (not for lack of remembering – she just does her own thing, self-medicates, no matter how much our family tries to stop her from doing that). Anyway, they kept her, and they are still running tests, I guess. She did say that her bloodwork was fine, and since she’s had cancer I assume they check for something like that. But, ugh…I hope she’s ok!

Weird timing on the Mystery Diagnosis. Was watching it while my grandmother was in the ER for the same symptom!


  1. I hope your grandmother is going to be okay! How scary. And totally weird that you just watched a tv show where something similar happened!

  2. That is SO weird! Hope she's feeling ok now.. that stuff is so scary. :-/