Light at the end of that tunnel?

I don't want to jinx it, but I think I'm getting better with regards to morning sickness. It has been exactly 2 weeks since I've thrown up. I've only run to the bathroom dry heaving once in that time period. I do still gag on a daily basis, but it's completely mental - because it is over things like my breakfast shakes, which I can drink just fine, but not look at to pack it to bring upstairs at night so that it's ready for the morning. Brad has to do that.

Yesterday I actually felt "good" for almost the entire day - I had a period between about 4pm and 5:30pm where I was a bit queasy but since I've felt worse in the late afternoon/evenings through bedtime, I was expecting that. However, to have it go away at 5:30 and eat another chicken mcnugget happy meal was a victory for me. I did feel a bit queasy overnight when I'd get up to use the bathroom, but again, that's expected and usual for me.

Today isn't as great as yesterday, but it's not awful. This morning was a little rough - mostly just a lot of gagging and gas pain making things worse, but all in all, it IS getting better. There is no denying it. I can look back at this point and truly see that weeks 6-8 (this is week 10) were the worst weeks for me, and I was pretty darn bad those weeks.

Knowing that morning sickness CAN come and go, and return anytime though keeps me from enjoying it too much.


  1. So, there's still some hope for that trip...? Fingers crossed for you!

  2. Oh, no, we're not going to go. I'm actually waiting for a call back from the manager at the hotel, hoping that perhaps we can change the date of our stay. Otherwise we're just out the $200. :( We realized it would cost us so much more to just drive out there, and knowing I can't do everything we'd initially planned, it doesn't seem practical to go just to use the hotel room.

  3. Well, bother. Then I hope the manager is willing to work something out with you. Knowing you've spent $200 on something you can't enjoy is never a pleasant feeling.