Hump Day

Today isn't that great - I woke up at 5am and Brad decided at that exact moment to roll over towards me and let out a huge, disgustingly stinky breath in my face, which started me gagging, so I had to get up. So, I'm tired, and on days when I'm tired, my morning sickness is worse.

On the good news front, though, my mom called me this morning and told me she'd be able to care for the baby Monday through Thursday once I return to work (I'd pay her about $100/week plus cover any supplies and food, etc), so I just need to figure out Fridays. I plan to talk to my boss around the end of October and let him know that I'm at the point where I need to figure out if I need to set up daycare for the one day a week, and ask if it's possible to work from home on Fridays. In all fairness, we have the ability to work from home anytime, because we all have laptops and can log into the network via VPN. So there's no reason I shouldn't be able to, I just need to actually ask about it.

If not, then we're looking at Knowledge Beginnings, where Summer went to daycare when she was younger. They're pricey though, probably the most expensive around the area. Brad estimated (without knowing what their current prices are) that if we did 2 days a week, it would cost us around $600 a month. So I would guess 1 day a week would be around $350 or $400? No idea. I'm hoping I won't have to set up daycare this early in the child's life.

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