How sad :(

I just got some photos from my dad of what our old home in Lowell looks like now. It's very sad. My dad put tons of work into that house - he built the garage, refinished the basement, etc. The house looked great, throughout the years I lived there (part-time - my parents are divorced and my dad had me every other weekend). Some of you who read this know what my dad's house used to look like. I wish I had before photos but I don't really have any - my dad, I'm sure does though.

Now look at it! The people who bought it let the place go to pot.


  1. :( :( this makes me so sad, too! Memories :(

  2. I am so so sorry. I know how hard it can be to see your childhood home go into ruin, I accidentally drove by the house I lived in til I was ten several months ago and I was devastated. Looked like crap *HUG*