Free Photo Book?!

I just got an email invite only code from Shutterfly to get a free hard cover 8 by 8 photo book! Well, you bet your ass I'm doing it.

The tough decision is, what pictures to use! I've already got a shutterfly book of the wedding.

I could do a book of engagement photos, or a book from Vegas trips, or a book from various Disney trips. Or, I could make one of Perfect Loop pictures. Though, not sure I want to waste a hard cover book on that - I'd rather pay for one later on with our pictures in it. (We used to have a catalog we made - Shannon spent ages designing it, but then we stopped showing it off because we couldn't obtain many of the supplies used in the items).

Decisions! :)

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  1. I got that too, thinking of doing a baby album but worried it's too soon...