Formula Feeding

I have all but decided that I will not be breast feeding the baby. Initially, I'd considered pumping and alternating between pumped milk and formula, however I have been told that if I'm not actually breastfeeding directly to the baby, I won't be able to pump enough milk and will end up pumping pretty much all day/every day.

The only reason I'd considered pumping is because everyone talks about the health benefits of breast milk. However, I was not breastfed, and neither was my sister, or Brad, for that matter. We all turned out just fine on formula.

I don't understand the HATE that exists out there when someone mentions they don't want to breastfeed or aren't sure if they want to. The pregnancy community on livejournal jumps all over women who ask simple questions, like just wondering how to tell their nurses they've decided on formula feeding. They didn't ask for a huge debate or attack - it is their personal choice, just like it is a breastfeeding mom's personal choice to breastfeed. Why attack her for that choice?

I don't think I'll be mentioning in pregnancy anywhere that I won't be breastfeeding, because I just know I'll get attacked. But no one is going to pressure me into doing something I don't want to do.

All I want is some information on how to go about formula feeding - how much to feed and how often, what brand to buy, etc. I fear I'm going to piss off the nurses/doctors at my OB practice or the hospital too!


  1. I am just wondering why you are deciding not to breastfeed.

  2. I'm just not comfortable with it. It's really that simple, too - I can't explain WHY, but I'm just not. I don't want to do it, Brad is fine with me not doing it, my mom and his mom didn't do it, so I don't see why I have to do something that makes me uncomfortable.

    I'd be ok with pumping if it produced a sufficient supply and I could stop easily enough before returning to work, but I've read that that isn't going to work, that I'd be spending 24/7 pumping just to get enough milk out.

  3. I've heard the secret to not running out of your supply is pumping for 5 minutes after your breast is empty. (I'll be pumping at work and then breastfeeding at night so I've been researching how to keep up supply...not to pressure you, just giving you what I've read for my use ^_~) I know several girls who exclusively pump, they're just afraid to post in breastfeeding/pregnant/parenting communities about it cause those girls are so caustic. Even though they are using breastmilk, the girls get on their case for not putting baby on the breast, and heaven forbid you can't. Formula exists for a good reason. I swear, I am all for using whatever method for feeding puts food in the wee one's belly.

    Goodness knows that your comfort level really is way more important than where baby is getting nutrition. If you aren't comfortable, neither will the wee one. Good for you for sticking to your guns *HUG*, although I agree that keeping it quiet online will be better for your sanity.

    One of my (and Laura's) best friends COULDN'T breast feed with her first, (Lord knows she tried) and people STILL gave her shit for formula feeding. Yet, I got crap from my grandmother for breastfeeding (in the 50's almost everyone used formula)...I swear, you're damned if you do breastfeed (by relations) and damned if you don't (online) and you just can't win. Make sure you don't mention a preference on circumcision either LOL (I know you're hoping for a little girl, but still...)

    As for brands and amounts, I think that most hospitals start baby with whatever WIC uses and if you want another specific brand you (may) have to bring your own. Depends on the hospital but you may want to ask them that on your tour. Also, from what I've read about amounts, it's 2-4 oz and 8-12 times per day til about 3 months. (I looked it up for packaging/freezing my breastmilk) Hope that helps. :) Love you.

  4. Thanks SarahBeth, that actually does help, alot. If your friends who exclusively pump have any information they can pass on, that would be great too (or if you find any more info, of course).

    I read through a full page of the formula tag in pregnant and every time anyone asked about formula or mentioned not wanting to breast feed, more than half the comments back pretty much attacked the poster. One person asked which formula to use and a commenter was like "why aren't you breastfeeding?" It's none of your damn business, lady! Geez!

    I'm prepared for a fight with the nurses/doctors at the hospital but thankfully I have Brad backing me up. Summer was also completely formula fed, I just verified that with him.

    I didn't know there was a debate about circumcision! If I do have a boy, he's definitely being circumcised. And again, that is because every male I know is circumcised and that's what I'm comfortable with. Holy crap.

    Thanks for being a breast feeding mom who DOESN'T jump on people's case for not breastfeeding!!!

  5. Check your email. I replied to your questions about formula feeding. Hope it helps!! :-)

  6. Oh god, I agree with SB all around. Seriously, I don't even have kids (and I'm not even pregnant!), and yet people are *already* giving me "advice" on homebirth/hospitals, natural birth/drugs/C-sections, breastfeeding/formula, working/SAHM... the list is endless. And no matter my opinion, someone isn't going to like it.

    Anyway... so stick to your guns! I was formula-fed, too (due to colic, actually), as were both my siblings. And we turned out fine. ;) While I'm hoping to breastfeed my own, I would never begrudge someone for her own personal choice, especially if I was raised on it myself!

  7. Melissa...
    I really don't know why it seems that everyone feels entitled to push there opinions on anything to do with baby-making and baby-rearing.
    EVERYTHING to do with your child and your body is YOUR decision!
    You are a reasonable and well educated adult who is perfectly capable of making her own decisions. You don't owe anyone explanations or apologies for doing what you have decided is best for you and the baby.

    Having said that. Everyone will have an opinion and most will not be shy about sharing their experiences.

    You'll be a wonderful mamma... love you bunches, mom

  8. I've never understood why people can be so vile when it comes to someone else's decisions on how to feed their baby. Okay, it's one thing if you're feeding alcohol to your newborn instead of formula or breast milk, but really... formula is nutritious! When/if I have children, I think I would like to breastfeed for various reasons (it's cheaper, easily accessible, bonding, etc), but that doesn't mean that someone who doesn't breastfeed is a terrible mother! It's all about CHOICE. I have the choice to breastfeed. You have the choice to formula feed. We should all be respectful of everyone's choices! Those LJ communities are crazy.

  9. Hahaha, Lizzie... feeding an infant alcohol. XD You're supposed to wait until it's at *least* a toddler!

  10. lol, that's true! THAT is why it's so unacceptable to be feeding it to an infant. ;-)