Feeling groovy

Ok, maybe not groovy. But, I would classify today as a "good" day. I haven't had any nausea yet (though, I expect it in the late afternoon - I have been feeling worse in the late afternoon through bedtime lately. I suppose I'll take it - I'd rather feel worse when I can be home, lying down and resting.

I used this to my advantage during lunchtime and took some photographs of two pairs of earrings I recently made so that I may get them up onto the Etsy shop tonight or later this week.

I will be running a sale in the Etsy shop soon, to just get things moving and cleared out for the fall season. I will probably set that up this weekend and announce it here. I haven't figured out if I want to mark down specific items or do a store wide, % off sale (those can be a pain because you need people to contact you BEFORE they submit payment, or give refunds and you don't get your etsy fee on the sale refunded).

I really do hope I'm on the road to feeling better, because with fall just around the corner, I need to start pumping out new inventory in the shop, and preparing for the one craft show we signed up for this fall.

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