Feeling better

Thankfully, I think I'm on the right track to being out of this morning sickness funk I've been in for what feels like forever.

This weekend went fantastically. The only time I was queasy the entire weekend was at night - I still have some trouble when I lay down to try to sleep at night. Something about lying down makes my stomach feel all weird. But, I've been trying to eat more closer to that time, so that I don't feel hungry, and that's helped a bit. I no longer take Unisom at night, and yet I've managed to sleep through the night for 3 nights in a row now (other than getting up to pee, followed by about a half hour of trying to get back to sleep).

Yesterday, I'd been very concerned about what to do at the wedding. We'd ordered beef dishes, and meat has been just the last thing I want to even be around lately. I of course didn't eat my beef. I had brought all this food along with me, and kept it in coolers in the car, but I never needed to go to the car. I ate chicken nuggets and some fries on the way to the wedding, and the immediately started in with water and lemonade until the cocktail hour.

During the cocktail hour, I was able to munch on celery & carrots, crackers, and some fruit and bread, and then I had a double baked potato, and a smoked salmon on melon appetizer (which was weird, and I swear, even though the waitress said "smoked" when I asked if it was raw or cooked, that it was mostly raw...but I'm going to assume it's ok that I ate it). They also had goat cheese and tomato and something green quesadillas but I skipped those because of the goat cheese (I'm not supposed to have unpasturized or soft cheeses).

I ate potatoes during dinner (both mine and Brad's) and he ate my meat. Tried the cake but I didn't like it, actually. As pretty as it was (and it was pretty, wait til you get my full picture post), it was dry and the frosted part wasn't very good :(.

On the way home I had a breakfast shake to substitute for not much of a dinner. I must have downed about 6 glasses of water, plus I had my first sips of diet coke in 11 weeks, and lemonade too. I was EXCEPTIONALLY proud of myself for yesterday. I wasn't sick, I enjoyed myself, and I was able to eat foods. I didn't even gag over any of the foods there, though the chicken with gravy smelled horrible to me. It was a big step in the right direction.

Today, I've added a few more foods to my grocery list - stuff for some mozzarella and tomato quesadillas, and maybe some pizza (though jury is still out on the pizza).

Now, I have changed things up a little and started doing Zofran twice a day (every 12 hours, so about 6am and 6pm every day) for now, and that's also seemed to help the nighttime queasiness I'd been feeling for weeks, pretty much as soon as I got home from work. I'm hoping that in 2-3 weeks, I'll actually be able to stop the Zofran entirely. I figure I'll know when I'm ready to try when I actually start desiring foods! Right now, I'm still only eating because I feel hungry, not because I think it will taste good.

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  1. SO Glad you were well enough to enjoy the wedding :)

    Also, my doc said you can eat the soft cheeses if they are cooked to melted :)

    Love you.