Bundle of complaints

You know what? I KNOW I complain all the time right now. I'm aware of it, and I hate that I do it. But I feel like ass 24/7, and it's gone on for over 6 weeks. You try feeling like you have the flu for 6 weeks and see how much you complain!

Anyway, I am currently not myself, and I do hope that in 2-3 weeks I'll be feeling much better and able to function normally again. (Or...more normally than now).

My current list (in case you are keeping track)
  • Queasy 24/7, with random nausea, heartburn, or indigestion, and constant hunger and/or fullness
  • So omg bloated
  • Haven't had a proper bm in 4 days
  • My veins look like arteries, and they are showing up all over my body. EVERYWHERE.
  • My pants are too tight to button, so I have now started using a hair elastic attached to the button and button hole to keep them up.
  • I can't sleep
  • Unisom helps me fall asleep but makes me sick to my stomach
  • Laying down makes me sick
  • Sitting makes me sick
  • Anything and everything that has a scent makes me sick
  • I'm breaking out with pimples everywhere, even on my stomach (wtf?)
  • My stomach has more hair on it than Brad's head
  • I'm tired and/or faint & dizzy all the time
  • Days feel like weeks
  • I break down crying hysterically quite often about how shitty I feel
Is that enough? I'm sure I'm missing some.


  1. Good news: Most of your indications (I refuse to call them symptoms, because you're having a baby, not a disease *wink*) match the old wife's tales for girl babies :)

    Suggestion: Bella Band, you'll use it now, when your bump is big enough to need maternity pants, but not big enough to fill them out, and post baby when your maternity pants are too big again, or to keep your pre-baby pants up without using the buttons. They are So worth the price (I was going to make one, but mom knew I had too many projects already so bought me one) http://www.ingridandisabel.com/

    Aim for more normal than now *wink*

    You're doing great, btw. I don't think you're complaining as much (at least online) as you think you are. Hang in there. Love you.

  2. I'd just like to repeat how much I loooove you :)

    Someone else recommended Bella Bands to me too, but I haven't made the attempt to go get them yet. My hair elastic is working for now! :)