Baby registries!

I decided to set up two registries, one at Target and one at Babies R Us. I obviously don't expect to complete them for several months. I need to know the gender, for one thing.

But, I'm starting to compile items that I like. We might buy them ourselves, but I just want a place to save the items I'm looking at, for now.

However, holy freakin crap are there so many different brands of all the stuff baby needs.

How do you know which diapers to use? Pampers? Huggies? Store brand? (No way, not good enough for my baby's tooshie! J/K of course).

Baby registries are OVERWHELMING, I've decided.

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  1. diapers...I suggest getting a small bag of different kinds, see what works best on your baby. DryMax can cause chemical burns though. Ironically, the "natural" ones gave Evangeline diaper rash. Go figure.

    We're switching to cloth next week though.