Add more to today's bucket of crap.

I just got verification on our company's maternity policy. Apparently, my company doesn't actually pay out any "maternity time." This falls under FMLA, so I get 1 week where I have to use vacation time to cover my absence, and then 6-8 weeks of STD at 100% of salary. So, I'm looking at, most likely 7 weeks out of the office and then I have to return to work.

I unfortunately will only have the 1 week of vacation saved up by the time I have the baby (assuming I work through the end of March - so I guess I'm hoping for a late baby and ability to work up until I go into labor). I don't continue to earn vacation time while on STD, so I won't have any time after that runs out, I'll have to go unpaid.

Brad thinks that MAYBE we can save up enough for 2 weeks unpaid leave...possibly 4 if he saves starting now and really budgets for it.

Yikes. Having to return to work 7 weeks after having a baby (shorter if I'm forced to stop working before I give birth) was not in my plan.

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  1. I only got 6 weeks too. :( I go back on Monday :(