10 week ultrasound

The past few days, I've been having some pelvic pressure and off and on cramping in the area right around, basically, my pubic bone. Being my first pregnancy, and having a list from my OB practice to call if there is moderate to severe cramping or pain, I just figured, I'll just call and make sure this is normal.

It isn't round ligament pain - because mine is in the center, not along the sides where RLP is. So anyway, they said it's most likely normal but sent me in for an ultrasound at Emerson Hospital just to check everything, since it is too early to just check the heartbeat in the office with the doppler.
I had today off anyway so off we went. I was instructed to drink 24-32 oz of fluid before coming in. This left me, a girl who has to pee every 10 minutes throughout the day anyway, in so much pain I was in tears in the waiting room. I finally got up and emptied just a teeny bit out, and then was called in, and the tech looked at my bladder quickly and said to empty more, so I did, but it was STILL too full. She did take a minute and got a good look at the baby, but then had me empty completely. My bladder on the screen was huuuuge.

Baby is measuring great, and the heartbeat is nice and strong at 173 bpm. Most likely the pain is due to the baby growing (which is what I figured it was but because it was unsual and new symptom I just wanted to be reassured), and she did say that as the baby grows, it will come up over the pubic bone into the abdomen and the pelvic pain should stop.


  1. oh wow, so they did have you go in with a full bladder! Strange how they got so mad at me when I did!

  2. Well, the ultrasound was done at Emerson instead of at the office, so that may be why...but either way, I now know that I don't need to do what they say and drink all that liquid first. I stay pretty hydrated throughout the day and therefor almost always have something in my bladder. The ultrasound tech told me that I definitely didn't need to drink or hold in that much :)