Road Trip!

Photo by dhammza on Flickr.

Tonight I will be having dinner with Lindsay and Debbi at the Westford Grille (I've never been, but I didn't want anything exotic, and Debbi was sick of 99).

Tomorrow, it's a 4 hour drive to Vermont, to visit Summer at her camp. I will be taking a few photos, because the lake up there is quite beautiful. Kind of dreading the car ride but I've made it before (and once, back and forth in the same day) so it should be ok. Heck, I'll probably sleep through half of it.

This week I hit up the library and scored some books that helped to put my mind at ease a little about something I'd been worrying about. Not completely, and I'm trying so, so hard not to stress, but it is tough. The books are good and informative though. I did hit up the treadmill last night, but then crashed in my bed, which caused some back pain when I was trying to sleep. At about 2 AM our kitty Vegas must have been spooked, because we awoke to a crash in the bedroom. I couldn't find anything that fell so I actually think she just ran into the wall during her spook attack. Crazy cat!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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