Project: Craft Room

Mission accomplished! Took one full Saturday and about 3 three hour evenings to complete. Alright, ALMOST complete. I still need to organize the closet, and put up some sheer white panel curtains on the windows (but that won't be for a little while).

The craft room, before the transformation:

As you can see, it was white and cold, and just not very welcoming. It was a nice space (when it was organized) and gave me plenty of room to work thought. It just didn't feel cozy and creative.

After the transformation:

I built a little relaxing/reading nook near a bright, sunny window, using my grandmother's wooden rocking chair (which is actually in remarkable condition). I have a nice clear workspace with beading and scrapbooking tools on the shelves behind it. Some scrapbook supplies which I am currently using are in the cabinet with the doors to keep things neat and tidy. I have my beading magazines as you enter the room, and beading books near my reading nook.

In the 3 new fabric bins, I have items I use when photographing jewelry, ribbons, and coloring books & crayons & colored pencils.

I love my new space! :)

For more photos, you can see my album on facebook.


  1. Melissa! That looks AMAZING!!! Well done!

  2. Oh WOW, that is amazing! I love the color you used with the walls, and the white furniture against it. Makes me want to read in that rocking chair in the corner as you craft away! :)

  3. Aw, thanks ladies! :) I am in here now, just sitting and enjoying :)

  4. SO brilliant! I can't wait to craft in there :)

  5. I just submitted photos to Studios magazine. I hope they pick me!

  6. looks great!

    also jealous of your duck...