Gold and Poker and Jewelry, Oh My!

I did make a pair of earrings last night - they're copper, with small green freshwater pearls and larger green glass pearl dangles. After that I was tired and so I went to bed and read the rest of Kendra Wilkinson's new book.

Brad has been up late playing poker lately, and it's driving me bonkers. I want him to come to bed at a reasonable hour, dammit. Friday night, he played in a tournament (which he won, thankfully) until 3 AM. He woke me when he was getting into bed, and I told him that was ridiculous.

I'm currently in search of a public gold mining place in Maine - someone my mom knows went recently, though I don't know where. I want to find gold! I need to get rich! ;)

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  1. That would be a fun adventure! Here's a good site :