Wedding Weekend

It's finally here - the weekend Ali & Chafic tie the knot. I'm very excited for her - when she texted me a couple of years ago with a picture of her ring, I was standing in the middle of a very quiet jewelry store and I shrieked, I was so happy.

But, with the excitement, comes insane nervousness on my part. I have only once walked down an aisle - it was on my wedding day, for only 36 people, and I shook like jello the entire time. This time, I'll be one of 10 bridesmaids walking down an aisle in front of 160 people. Add to that being out of my comfort zone, in the middle of a garden where there are bound to be bees galore, and you can probably imagine why I feel like I'm going to throw up right now.

It will be fine. All I have to do is walk down an aisle, smile, stand at the front and not pay attention to bees, and walk back. The photos are the easy part. But I have to walk with a man I haven't met yet - what if he thinks I'm ugly? (Not that it should matter, I'm a married woman). But what if he's like "oh great, I got the ugly bridesmaid." And what if my hair falls out? What if my makeup smears?

I'm just so scared. :(

I promise to post photos (if I can get any good ones) next week!

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  1. I guess now you understand why I hate being a bridesmaid so much! And why I even turned down some people when they asked me to be one! :-)

    It IS nerve wracking. But... you'll definitely be just fine. People will look at you, and then they move their eyes right back to the end of the aisle, awaiting the next walker (one step closer to the bride)

    And then... it'll be over! :-)