Throw out 50 things

I recently came across the blog of a member of Wedding Plans, and I'm very much enjoying it. For one, I love her blogging style. It's all very light and airy and pretty. Very fresh-feeling. Like walking into a spa.

I was reading through some of her older entries and saw that she completed a "Throw out 50 things challenge." I LOVED reading her blogs on this challenge, and I would love to do something like this myself. The only problem is - we kind of got rid of everything when we moved last year. I purged a ton last year, and pretty much what is left are items I don't wish to get rid of.

But, I think I might be able to do it. Seeing that those 50 things can be anything, even down to old discount cards or junk jewelry, I can probably do it. So, I'm giving myself this challenge. By the end of the summer (because I don't know when I'm going to have time for this in the immediate future), I'd like to complete this challenge and blog about it.

For reference, here is her intro entry on the 50 things challenge:

And if you go here, you can see all of the blogs about the challenge:

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  1. ooo, I so want to do this, and baby coming is the perfect time...thanks for sharing.