Product review: Schick Quattro for Women Trimstyle

Last week I picked up this little number:

It's the Schick Quattro for Women Trimstyle. And it is amazing. It is probably the last razor I'll ever buy. Not only does the razor part work fabulously...the bikini trimmer is perfect. Because while my husband doesn't want me completely bare...let's face it, he also doesn't want to be trekking through the jungle every time we get intimate. There are 4 different lengths on the trimmer - 3 with the comb attachment, and 1 with just the trimmer for a super close trim. I LOVE this product. Only $12 at CVS!


  1. $12!

    I am so put off by the commercials... but yet I've been wanting to try it. I had no idea it was so cheap! I think my plain ol razor was like $13!

  2. Yep, so cheap! And the commercials totally crack me up. It took me a few times watching it to figure out what it was implying, and now I am fascinated by it. :)