Dropping $2,000 on airfare in one day is a killer, no matter how you look at it.

Disney ended up being more than Brad expected (but right where I'd priced it, haha!) at $1254 for the 3 of us. We even had to knock one day off the trip, because if we flew out the morning after XMas it was going to be $400 one way. By doing this we're actually now saving several hundred dollars because we knock a day off the Disney price.

Vegas was higher than expected but I am hoping the flight prices go down and we can get credits for travel later on - that came to just under $800 (it was over $800 but I had a credit from a prior flight).

Either way, OUCH.

Though, now the Disney vacation is looking much better - we get a day between XMas and the trip to relax and pack, and a day when we get back before going to work.

And now I'll be in Vegas when Garth is there so come Saturday, I'm going to attempt to buy Garth tickets!!!

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