I'm not sure what I'm looking to get out of this blog. I like creating new blogs, and then I grow tired of them. In fact, I deleted some older blogs today.

I'm on livejournal, but realize that I have a large group of people who have me on their friends list. People who, while it shouldn't matter to me, find some of the things I'd like to post about boring and/or annoying. Not everyone, of course.

I am looking for a place that I can post about anything and everything, without pausing to wonder if it will bother someone on my friends list. I want to post my wedding pictures a million times. I want to post pretty images I find online of other weddings, or just random thoughts without worrying if people will think I'm nuts.

I discovered the wonder of Picasa today, and am currently obessing over the collage function. It's very user friendly, and I'm loving it. I've started creating collages of my wedding, after drawing inspiration from a fellow livejournal user, and hope to post them here.

That's all for now - I'm off to read a little more in the 5th Shopaholic book.

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