Craft Room Inspiration

I am going to paint the craft room this weekend. I decided before I think about getting new bookcases and furniture, I should get the color on the walls.

Initially, I had intended to paint the room a bright yellow - I bought a yellow wooden duck for the room and his color would make a fabulous wall color.

I've since changed my mind. My inspiration comes from these images, courtesy of Crafty Intentions' Flickr.
I think this color (or a similar shade of turquoise) will look great with the dark brown carpet and white trim. Very excited!

Eventually I'd like to add some cool antique-feeling bookcases and maybe a nice comfy chair. I'm on the hunt for items like this, so if you see something (preferably free or dirt cheap) please let me know!


  1. That is a *gorgeous* (& stunningly organised!) craft room! Now I have a ton of new ideas for organising mine - mine's just a corner & a desk rather than a whole room, hence why it's never been easy to organise - but now I have ideas & inspiration (the fabric storage in particular!). Thanks for posting these!

    Love the colour too, btw!